Charles Motley Wedding Photography

Looking for an experienced, talented, photographer to capture all of the intricacies and special moments of your wedding experience? Charles Motley Wedding Photography has been as a staple of Athens, Georgia and surrounding areas since 2002. We specialize in all types of wedding photography, from engagement to wedding days, allowing you to focus on what really matters- each other.

Engagement Photos

While we are known primarily for our wedding day shoots, we also specialize in capturing all types of proposals and engagements. Whether you’re looking for a natural capture or a posed shoot, rest well knowing Charles Motley and his team are experts in finding the perfect shot. We can also provide fun props to assist in perfecting the photos, as well as more than happy to accommodate with any plans you may have. Looking for a nice location for your proposal? Our team can assist you in finding the apt location around Athens. With over 30 past engagement shoots, Charles has established himself as a photographer every prospective bride and groom needs to check out.

Wedding Day Photos

So the time has finally arrived, the date you’ve had circled for months or years- your wedding day is here. Want to relax knowing all of your memories will be preserved? Having shot over 100 weddings in his illustrious career, Charles knows the perfect angles and positions to encapsulate all of the memories you would never want to forget. With his one-of-a-kind ability and knack for finding miraculous shots, you and your guests will be scouring the photo albums for years to come. Whether you want us there throughout your wedding day, or simply for a planned photo shoot, perfection should be your only expectation.


Interested? The first action is to set up a consultation with Charles and his team. Here is where we discover everything and anything about our clients. Going through, step by step, with you so that you can be confident that all of your desires and preferences will be met. No matter how unique or different your taste, Charles will happily accommodate and get you well on your way to seeing the photographs of your dreams. We know planning a wedding can be stressful, but there is no reason finding a wedding photographer should be! Contact us here to get started! Thanks so much for your interest and we look forward to getting in touch with you in the near future!